Hospitality & Retail Systems

HRS Personal Data Security FAQ

1. When did Federal Law # 152-FZ “On Personal Data” come into force?
2. What other laws pertain to personal data protection?
3. What regulatory acts protect legal entity rights?
4. What is the main objective of Federal Law #152
5. What is “personal data”?
6. What is “operator”?
7. What is “personal data processing”?
8. What is Automated Personal Data Processing?
9. What is ISPD?
10. Who is responsible for protection of personal data in an ISPD?
11. Are MICROS-Fidelio products recognized as ISPD?
12. How to protect MICROS-Fidelio products?
13. What is “PD Protection Level”
14. What is the level of protection for a typical hotel ISPD?
15. Our Fidelio/Opera system has NATIONALITY field in the guest profile. Does it make our personal data Special?
16. Must MICROS-Fidelio products be certified?
17. Is it necessary to get written consent from the subject (hotel guest) for processing his/her personal data?
18. To what countries can personal data be transferred?
19. Can we keep data abroad? What’s changed by 242-FZ?
20. Our Integrator requests data dictionaries for all MICROS-Fidelio products that we use. Is it really necessary?
21. How do we check that selected (and implemented) means of protection are adequate?
22. How to proceed to building data protection?
23. How to proceed to building data protection?
24. What technical safeguards should be used?
25. What information security companies can you recommend?
26. What criteria should be used when choosing a partner company engaged in information security?
27. Where can I find more details on Federal Law #152 and personal data protection?