Hospitality & Retail Systems

SERVICE APPEAL RULES for customers applying for help to HRS Support Services Centre

Dear clients,

We hereby introduce and want you to follow the below service appeal rules when applying for help to HRS Support Services Centre:

1. Any letter should only include one request. If you have several requests, please, handle several letters. If you create a request via CRM web console, you are expected to create individual case per each single request.

2. When creating cases via CRM web console, make sure you choose an appropriate product from the list.

3. Subject of request should be concise and reflect the core of request, and not your hotel or addressee names. It should not be longer than 50 characters. If you are a hotel chain, you are expected to formulate your request in English.

4. Please, specify hotel name in the body of your letter. When creating a case via CRM web console, choose hotel from the list.

5. Don’t forget to specify your name. To get back to you, we need your last, first and middle names, job title and contact details (telephone and email address).

6. When replying to a letter, please, keep its original subject. Should you want to pose a new question – write us a new letter.

7. When presetting auto-reply messages in your email client, please, remove the address of HRS Support Services Centre from your auto-reply list. Otherwise, your email address will be added to our black list. To unblock it, you will have to call HRS Support Services Centre.

8. Do not specify a particular individual when forwarding us a letter or creating a case. This may result in increase of reply wait time, as we do not assign dedicated service employees to this or that of our clients.

List of additional payment services, performed under Technical Maintenance Agreement, is regulated by p.5.1.8 of the Technical Maintenance Agreement.

5.1.8. Extra Services:
At Customer’s request, Contractor shall perform works qualified as extra software services, pursuant to the terms stipulated in Appendix 2 hereto. These works shall be performed in timeline agreed between the Parties, based on Customer’s written request. These works include, as follows (both on site and in Contractor’s office):
• Updating and adjusting software settings as per Customer’s changing needs, also given the need to meet legal requirements;
• Creating additional reports and print forms;
• Changing existing reports and print forms;
• Re-installing software and its settings;
• Installing new software versions;
• Diagnosing software failures resulting from software improper operation or due to interfacing systems;
• Checking for and adjusting database failures resulting from software improper operation or due to interfacing systems;
• Eliminating software failures resulting from software improper operation or due to interfacing systems;
• Additional consulting for Customer’s personnel;
• Other works as agreed with Contractor.

Payment for additional services shall be made by Customer based on invoices put out by Contractor, pursuant to the terms of Appendix 2 hereto, 5 (five) working days from the date of invoice, at the latest.

Observing the Rules will enable to speed up the time needed to close cases and enhance the quality of services.

  HRS(C) 2017